Holiday Opti Clinic – December

December 20-23 – Miami – A four day clinic on Biscayne Bay before Christmas in preparation for Orange Bowl or just a great winter training opportunity. This will be a one coach clinic with a small ratio (10 kids max) so lots of attention for each sailor and with a low number of sailors, lots of time on the water. Sailors can attend for any number of the 4 days. Contact for more details. This clinic is open to all RWB Opti Sailors. 

One year Anniversary!

Debrief after first day of sailing as SailStrong.

One year ago, this coming weekend, SailStrong Youth Racing had its first practice. Thanks JC, Chrissie, Mehvish, Julia, Camille, Thomas, Gray, Aaron, Madeleine, Caroline, Joe, and all their families for showing up that first day to get things going. One year in, we have been to Opti regattas all over the US, had sailors represent USODA in internationals events, had several sailors make the US National Team, held open clinics on Long Island, in Maryland, and in Florida, started 420 training, and will have nearly twice as many sailors showing up for our first practice of this school year season.

This would not have been possible without the never-ending support from the parents of all the sailors. This is a coach lead program, but so much of the effort to get the kids off the beach still comes from the parents. Thank you all so much! 

I can’t wait to see what year number two brings.

We are excited about our first Open Clinic @ The Dinghy Shop July 14th. It should be a great day with the usual South Shore sea breeze. The only fee is $10 per sailor to the Dinghy Shop for letting us use the facility. For South Shore Opti sailors the Midget Qualifier is the following Wednesday July 18th, so this is a great chance to get tuned up right before the event. 

Coaches from programs are encouraged to come with their sailors and take part in the clinic. 

To register go to the Contact Page and send an email with your sailor’s info. 

Summer Kick Off Clinic – June 9-13

We will be doing a 5 day practice June 9-13 at Bellport Bay Yacht Club on the South Shore of Long Island. If you are out of school and don’t have sailing plans already, come join us for some great training. The South Shore is bound to deliver solid conditions as usual. 

Long sail to Stiltsville

Since we have had so much good sailing this week we decided to make today an adventure and head out to Stiltsville for lunch. Stiltsville is a group of houses in Biscayne Bay just south of Key Biscayne. Thomas was excited to do this for the second year in a row and I think this will be an annual event for our Orange Bowl practice. Have to throw some fun into the mix 🙂

Orange Bowl Clinic and Regatta

We will be training for 5 days (Dec 19-23) in preparation for Orange Bowl and have a few extra spots open. For Orange Bowl we will be welcoming Leigh Kempton as our second coach to help better support our sailors for this multi-fleet event. We will take as many as 18 sailors for the event in order to keep a low ratio. Please contact me if you are interested for your sailor.