Pics from our sailors’ spring overseas adventures.

Busy Month Ahead

Between April 6th and 29th we will be on the water 19 days supporting close to 30 sailors. We will be in Brant Beach for most of the days but doing some mid-week training in Island Heights, NJ next week. 

Several of our sailors are still at international events this weekend so have a solid turnout of 12 sailors. Starting next weekend we will have two coaches for the 15 plus sailors every day through the end of Team Trials. We will have a great group of coaches working with the kids over those days, including Juan Carlos Romero, Leigh Kempton, Will Brown, and Clay Johnson.

We are very excited about our first USODA Team Trials as a team, especially since we are going to be helping 21 sailors get the most out of the event. 

We will be sailing in May as well so if you have not had your kid on the water yet this year or are looking for a jump on the summer sailing season, please get in touch and we will help get them going. Also check out the clinic page for our June and July clinic schedule.