USODA National Championship Report

26 team members spent 10 days in Detroit for the three USODA National Championships; Team Racing, Girls, and Open Fleet Racing.

For the Team Race we had two teams, SailStrong Blue and SailStrong White. The Blue team made up of Gray Benson, Maddie Hawkins, Madeleine Rice, Sam Bruce, and Jordan Bruce finished 2nd in Gold Fleet (Top 8 teams) and the White team (Brendan Little, Nick Chisari, Torrey Chisari, Stan Picard, and Caroline Benson) finished 3rd in Silver Fleet. The Blue team overcame Gray being sick on the first day, went in to the final round in fourth, and only lost one race in Gold Fleet to finish second. They were also the only team to beat the eventual National Champions LISOT Black. The future is bright for SailStrong Team racing with all the team members from both theses teams, along with their teammates that missed Nationals while sailing at North Americans and Worlds.

In the Fleet Racing portion of Nationals we also had a great showing, lead by Thomas Rice finishing 3rd Overall and 1st in Blue Fleet. Other standouts were Thomas Hall finishing 9th Overall and 1st in White Fleet and Maddie Hawkins finishing 10th Overall and 3rd Girl. We also had 15 sailors make the Gold Fleet (Top 85 of 250 boats).

Team Results

Gold Fleet: Thomas Rice 3rd Overall, 1st Blue, Thomas Hall 9th Overall, 1st White, Maddie Hawkins 10th, 3rd Girl, 3rd Blue, Boyd Bragg 23rd, Sam Bruce 26th, Michael Pinto 28th, Stan Picard 47th, Brendan Little 51st, Reed Menszer 54th, Jordan Bruce 64th, Madeleine Rice 67th, Caroline Benson 69th, Chapman Petersen 72nd, Jagan Subbiah 79th, Gray Benson 81st

Silver Fleet: Daven Subbiah 1st, Nick Chisari 5th, Eloise Burn 40th, Harrison Menszer 57th, Liam Randall 74th, Cordelia Burn 82nd, Torrey Chisari 86th, Ellie Menszer 93rd, Michaela Obrien 112th, Colleen Obrien 117th