New England Championships Recap


August 5th through 8th we were in Portland, ME for the USODA New England Championship hosted by SailMaine. The conditions were great with 9 races over three days in light to medium wind, thought the water was a little chilly. The team sailed a great regatta and took home awards in the Overall, Red, Blue, White, and Girls Fleets.

JC Hermus lead the group, winning the regatta in convincing fashion with 8 bullets in 9 races  and dropping a 5th place. We also had 1st through 3rd in the Girls: Kathryn Hall 1st, Sarah Burn 2nd, and Michelle Lahrkamp 3rd. As a group we had 16 sailors make the Top 100 of the close to 300 boats sailing. We also had a solid group of younger and less experienced sailors make great steps in improving their sailing. Great job by everyone!

Team Results:

JC Hermus 1st Overall, 1st Red Fleet
Kathryn Hall 12th, 1st Girl, 8th Red
Jordan Bruce 17th, 6th Blue
Sarah Burn 19th, 2nd Girl, 7th Blue
Thomas Rice 20th, 8th Blue
Michelle Lahrkamp 22nd, 3rd Girl, 9th Blue
Sam Bruce 27th
Maddie Hawkins 28th, 6th Girl
Thomas Hall 42nd, 3rd White
Gray Benson 51st
Walter Henry 56th
Stan Picard 57th
Clayton Johnson 65th
Eloise Burn 75th
Michael Pinto 78th
Madeleine Rice 79th
Brendan Lord 99th
Brendan Little 106th
Nick Chisari 119th
Liam Randall 153rd
Cordelia Burn 156th
Torrey Chisari 168th
Colleen Obrien 190th
Maddie Kaller 216th
Michaela Obrien 228th
Vanessa Lahrkamp 230th
Adra Ivancich 285th