Valentine’s Day Regatta

Solid regatta by the team at Valentine’s Day this weekend. After some windy sailing on the practice Thursday and Friday, the breeze disappeared just in time for the weekend. The RC worked hard to get 4 races in over the two days, which led to some tough results if you had a Black Flag. We had one of the biggest groups with 23 sailors. Congrats to Hannah Steadman, who led the team with her 8th place finish overall, and also to Nick Chisari and Max Mayol for qualifying for Team Trials. Thomas Rice also sailed a fantastic regatta with 3 bullets and a 5th. Too bad one of the firsts he was over early, but some great sailing nevertheless. 

Team Results:
Hannah Steadman 8th Overall, 7th Red
Thomas Rice 35th
Lawson Levine 38th
Madeleine Rice 50th, 5th White
Sam Bruce 53rd, 6th White
Michelle Lahrkamp 56th
Jake Vickers 60th
Nick Chisari 65th
Maddie Hawkins 70th, 8th White
Jordan Bruce 80th
Kimmie Leonard 82nd
Harrison Menszer 88th
Reed Menszer 92nd
Sloane Kratzman 94th
Michael Pinto 98th
Chapman Petersen 100th
Ellie Menszer 163rd
Torrey Chisari 182nd

Nice Job everyone! Continued improvement from the whole team.